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20 Simple Actions To Insure A Great Golf Day


This article was originally posted in September of last year, but that’s when most golfers were starting to store their clubs for the winter. Now that almost all of the golf courses in the country (US at least) are already open, it is time to make each golf day the best it can be. [read […]

PowerSwing Resistance Information

As with any fitness and conditioning program, there are two important points to keep in mind when using the PowerSwing Trainer: 1) choose the right resistance for the muscles you want to work and 2) know your current physical condition and strength objectives. For example, individuals just beginning a conditioning program or coming out of […]

GolfGym Academy

Tips & Drills

The GolfGym Academy is a Compilation of Video Tips, Drills and Product Instructional Videos From GolfGym The GolfGym Academy videos will help you with your golf swing, your power, your distance and your enjoyment of the game of golf. There many more videos available on the GolfGym Academy YouTube Channel.