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How Can Bruce Lee Help Your Golf Game?

Bruce Lee,Golf,How Can Bruce Lee Help Your Golf Game,Golf Swing,GolfGym

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks one, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”.

Bruce Lee,Golf,How Can Bruce Lee Help Your Golf Game,Golf Swing,GolfGym There is no real way of calculating the exact amount of balls a PGA Tour Player hits in a year, but after a little dancing………….” Continue Reading →

The Presidents Cup – A Great Divide!

The Presidents Cup,Presidents Cup,USA,United States Of America,South Korea,Korea,United States

The Presidents Cup is being contested in a country very far from the USA, South Korea. This is the first significant men’s golf tournament ever to be held in that country.

The Presidents Cup,Presidents Cup,USA,United States Of America,South Korea,Korea,United StatesThe Great Divide I am talking about is the Grand Canyon like chasm in the ability and performance by the professional golfers………….” Continue Reading →

Resistance Is Good!

Resistance Is Good,Resistance,Golf,Golf Swing,PowerSwing Trainer,PowerSWING Plus

We see so many of the top professional golfers now spending a great amount of time in the gym lifting weights, using bands and even using body weight exercises.

Resistance Is Good,Resistance,Golfing,Swing,Golf Swing />The bottom line is: If you want to swing your golf club more consistently, with more power and speed, you are going to have to do some…………” Continue Reading →

Jason Day’s Winning Formula – S.F.T.

Jason Day,Barcleys,FedEx Cup,PGA,Golf,Australian Jason Day,Jason Day & SFT

This past week PGA Tour player Jason Day won his second PGA Tour event (the first FedEx Playoff tournament) in two weeks and his third event in four weeks.

Jason Day,PGA Tour,FedEx Cup,FedEx,Golfing,Golf Have you ever watched Jason during his pre-shot routine? If so, you would have noticed that with the help of his caddie he chooses a target first………….” Continue Reading →

Three Steps To More Power In Your Golf Swing

Golfers are always talking about needing more power in their golf swing. Power and Golf are words generally related to Tour Pros like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson.

GolfGym,Golf Swing,Golf,PowerSWING Plus,PowerSWING,GolfGym PowerSWING Plus,Three Steps To More Power In Your Golf Swing I saw this Three Step Drill on Facebook. It was presented by Zach Allen on the American Golf Association Facebook Page. I added a dimension of resistance to the Three Step Drill by using…………” Continue Reading →

Golf Fitness Isn’t Measured By Your Waistline

Inbee Park,Kiradech Aphibarnrat,Golf,Golf Fitness,LPGA,European Tour

“Congratulations to Inbee Park & Kiradech Aphibarnrat on their WINS this past weekend! This is a prime example that GOLF FITNESS IS NOT MEASURED BY YOUR WAISTLINE.

Inbee Park,Golf,Inbee,Park,Golfing It is based on your ability to perform golf shots consistently and repeatedly…not if you have six pack abs…………” Continue Reading →

I Am Sorry Hank Haney – You Are Wrong!

Hank Haney,Hank Haney Videos,Hank Haney Swing Coach,Hank Haney Video Series,Golf,Golfing,GolfGym,Hank Haney You Are Wrong

“If you have watched the Golf Channel at all you have probably seen the ads for the Haney “BluePrint – Tour Pro Secret” video series.”

Hank Haney,Haney,Golf,Hank Haney Golf,Hank Haney Golf Videos I completely agree that the Game of Golf is a complex assembly of physical and mental gymnastics………..” Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have To Give Up Beer!


“You don’t have to give up beer. You don’t have to join a gym. You work on it for 10 minutes a day and you get fit.”

GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer,GolfGym,PowerSwing TrainerThere are a lot of golf training aids that golfers are embarrassed to bring to the course……….” Continue Reading →

Tighten The Bolts In Your Golf Swing

Iron Byron,Golf Swing,Golf,Swing

Iron Byron – “An electro-mechanical machine used by the United States Golf Association to test golf clubs and golf balls for conformity to standards”.

Iron Byron,Golf Swing,GolfAs a golfer, you have probably seen this machine (named after the legendary Byron Nelson) on television being used at different………” Continue Reading →

A Green Smoothie & Your Golf Fitness Program

Green Smoothie,Smoothie

You are probably asking…”What the heck does this have to do with a Golf Fitness Program?” Well, for the majority of golfers I have

Green Smoothie,GolfGym,Golf Fitness,Does that sound like you? Do you want to (or think you should) get involved in a golf specific fitness program but it looks overwhelming?………” Continue Reading →

The Guy At The End Of The Range – Left Eye Dominant

Jack Nicklaus,Golf,Left Eye Dominant,Golfing

I go to the range regularly because I really enjoy working on my swing and my ball striking. I use the term “ball striking” because that’s what I am doing…at least I think so…

Jack NicklausBy the way…I hear that Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and several other great “ball strikers” are left eye dominant. I’m just sayin’…” Continue Reading →

Be Aware Of Your Posture For Better Performance

GolfGym,Posture,Golf Fitness

In this blog, I want to focus on your “AWARENESS” of your posture. Although grips and swings may vary from player to player, nearly every professional….

GolfGym,Golf Posture Awareness,Golf PostureThis short video is all about becoming aware of your posture and some simple exercises you can do to ingrain that awareness in a repeatable Motor Pattern………” Continue Reading →

The Death Of An Old Friend – Our Weighted Club

GolfGym,Weighted Club

We recently experienced the death of an old friend. This friend was with us for almost 10 years. During those 10 years we touted its benefits…..

GolfGym,PowerSWING PlusOver the past few years, people started talking about our old friend in a very negative way. They would say that working with it would………” Continue Reading →

Short – But Intense!

GolfGym,Steve Smith

No I’m not talking about Steve Smith with the Baltimore Ravens (formerly with the Carolina Panthers…our favorite NFL team…We miss you Steve)..

SteveSmith100I am talking about my workout this morning in the gym. I usually head over at about 4:45 am………” Continue Reading →

Are You Rotating Properly? Let’s find out!

In golf the three most important words may be: Rotation, Rotation, Rotation. That’s because if you want any power, distance or accuracy with your golf swing, you must be able to rotate properly.

Rotation100I noticed that I was performing one of the movements improperly. It was easy to figure out………” Continue Reading →

Golfers Are Insane!


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. By that definition I will make the bold statement that most golfers are INSANE!!!

GolfGym,Golf is Hard! Maybe not as hard as trying to roll a 10 ton boulder up a steep rock formation, but it is hard………” Continue Reading →

How Cutting Myself Shaving Improved My Golf Game


When I was a kid growing up, I would see my Dad shaving with an electric razor. I remember the hum of the motor and him running the clunky thing up and down and around and around trying to get every last one of the little stubble buggers off his face.

Shaving,GolfGymSo when the fuzz started growing on my face…the manly thing to do was to lather up and scrape it off……..” Continue Reading →

I Used To Have A Pretty Good Swing!

Ken Pierce,Golf Swing

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had a fairly good swing way back then. I had a “Bubba Swing” before Bubba did. Check out that Jack Nicklaus knee. You could put a watermelon under my left foot.

Ben Hogan3-100 I came across a picture of myself (actually a collage of pictures) performing a golf swing. This picture has to be 30 years old or more …….” Continue Reading →

Ben Hogan Inspired Drill – Start Your Downswing

I received a call last week from a gentleman who sounded like he was a member of the “Seasoned Citizen” Club. (The first time I ever saw that term was in “The Little Red Book” by Harvey Penick)

Ben Hogan3-100I came across a short video by Ben Hogan in which he demonstrated exactly what that nice gentleman was requesting …….” Continue Reading →

You Must Swing Your Swing!

“Have you ever seen that commercial with Mr. Arnold Palmer, “The King”. It was for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Mr. Palmer, said, “Swing Your Swing.

“Swing Your Swing. Not someone else’s. Not the one you wish you had. No, swing your swing…..I did” …….” Continue Reading →

Play Golf Just Like An Olympic Ice Skater

Ice Skaters Falling

Yes…I know…Golf and Ice Skating have zero, nada, nothing in common right? Oh, but they do comrade (a reference to Russia because of the Olympics)…let me explain.

“The Winter Olympics are taking place this week and I have been watching many of the events especially the events taking place on the ice. …….”[read more…]

Kevin Stadler Wins! See…That Golf Fitness Stuff Is A Bunch Of Baloney!

Kevin Stadler,PGA

Congratulations to Kevin Stadler on his first PGA Tour victory in Scottsdale this past weekend. He played great golf and deserved to win over Bubba Watson and Graham DeLaet. It was his first win in 239 starts.

“Kevin Stadler is a big man…almost a carbon copy of his Dad, Craig Stadler, “The Walrus” (some of the younger among us may not even know what a carbon copy is)…….”[read more…]

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